Rosales is the first town of Region 1 along McArthur Highway. 184 kms north of Metro Manila and approximately 80 kms away from the summer capital of Baguio City. It is the gateway to North Luzon Growth Quadrangle. Rosales enjoys its geographical strategic location being adjacent to two Province of Tarlac and Nueva Ecija. It is traversed by three national roads leading to Ilocos Region, Isabela and Nueva Ecija. Rosales has developed into a municipality with diverse avenues for progress. In the past years, Rosales was only known as an agriculture-based town where farming was the main source of living. It was then followed by the production of livestock and poultry located at the semi-industrial areas of the town. And now came were investors who placed big establishments like supermarkets, mall and commissary depots. We can say that aside from agriculture, Rosales is now a commercial driven municipality. Where it continually attracts consumers, entrepreneurs and investors who placed big establishments to establish and operate in the town.

Land Area:          7,280 hectares

Barangays:          37

Income Classification: 1st Class Municipality