Rosales is a blooming community bustling with business and commercial activities, teeming with foreign and local tourist, and the farmers live a prosperous life in an Agri-industrial enclave with the people generally enjoying quality life in a beautiful, clean, healthy and peaceful environment steered by God-fearing and honest leaders.



To provide well-balanced community of the people with quality education, comprehensive health services, technologically advanced infrastructure, productive agricultural endeavors, aggressive commercial and business ventures, highly gainful employment, promoting cultural pride in a peaceful environment of spiritually oriented Rosalinians.



S-erve people of Rosalinians and all stakeholders with utmost courtesy, efficiency, and dedication;

P-rovide security, peace, and order to t6he townspeople, and let them enjoy the peace and quite that they deserve; provide livelihood opportunities to promote their economic well-being and in effect, elevate their status in life,

C-reate an atmosphere where every Rosalinians is free to dream and work and live harmoniously with fellow Rosalinians, notwithstanding diversity in opinion, political and religious affiliation, and socio-economic status in life.